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 The roots of the Snowdonia Cheese Company evolved from the change in food and farming in the latter part of the last century.  The globalised food production model was emerging, and consumers wanted to return to localised foods as an important part of their diet.  Snowdonia set out with a 21 year business plan to define itself as a regional champion of food, and to build its market in the UK and in export over the longer term.

One third of the way through that plan, Snowdonia has brought a range of contemporary cheeses into the market, and is now working in additional food categories such as pickles and preserves.


The Company has a strong commitment to the region and to be a good employer.  We promote excellence in our practices and reinvest in our people - this ensuring a sustainable business model.  We have an award for business innovation which is to encourage all stakeholders to excel.

We have a stated set of values & beliefs, which underpin a strategic development pyramid that provides the template for company growth and personal and functional development plans.

The company contributes to a regional charitable fund annually, these monies are distributed across a number of charities.  We are currently working on our carbon neutral policy, and we progressively promote ethical trade.


Dairy farming adopts an essential caring approach to cows, including the younger livestock (heifers).  Antibiotics are used routinely only once a year for udder therapy during the non-milking period, unless illness such as flu or bronchitis requires treatment - the same general policy adopted amongst people.

 The dairy farm has mainly grass production on the land. Chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are generally not used on these farms. The main synthetic product used on grassland is nitrogen, and we know through the nitrate testing of water, this is not used excessively, and not to the detriment of the environment.

Dairy farming is a strong custodian of our environment and countryside

Snowdonia Cheese.

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