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This is one area that Wales specialises in, we have three sheep to every person who lives in Wales and our cattle, although smaller in number are amongst the best found in the UK. All our fresh meat, Celtic Pride is chosen from a select number of approved farms to guarantee the best quality, try it for yourselves and you will not be disappointed. Cheese making has for centuries been part of Welsh culture and we have tried to select from a few of our established as well as our up and coming producers. Homemade terrines and hand caught smoked Sewin and Salmon are also amongst the best to be found and yes you can taste the difference. 

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Cheese and Savouries

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All over Wales from North to South you can find high quality cheese makers, we have been producing cheese in Wales for centuries and these skills have been passed down the generations. We have selected a few different varieties to help you explore the extensive range of tastes and textures that these producers have developed over years. Enjoy!


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Just a small selection to start with but with our vast coastline and incredibly clean rivers we have an abundance of fish in Wales, from lobster to fresh sewin. Why not test the difference for yourself by trying a freshly smoked sewin slice that has been line caught from a coracle to one that you have bought elsewhere?


Image: All Products in <em>Fresh Food</em>

The Celtic Pride Premium Partnership was formed in 2003, borne from consumer demand for consistently high quality Welsh beef that adhered to the stringent welfare standards. Ninety farmer members rear cattle to recognised welfare and husbandry standards with the beef matured for a minimum of 21 days to ensure premium quality.  Celtic Pride Beef carries the coveted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, awarded to food products that have full traceability within their country of origin.


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