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All those essentials that you can’t do without are in our Larder or as we say in Wales, Pantri. Using our high quality standards we have selected from some smaller and larger producers to complete the Larder. From chutneys to oils and salt, all hand selected by our team of connoisseurs to ensure you are never disappointed.

In this section:

Tea & Coffee

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Although the actual leaves and beans are not grown here in Wales we do all enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee during the day. The tea selection is packed and blended here in Wales using the finest quality leaves from around the world and the coffees selected are all fair trade and, like the tea, packaged and carefully roasted here in Wales.


Image: All Products in <em>Larder</em>

What could be better than a fine biscuit to go with your afternoon cup of tea, we have travelled up and down mountains throughout Wales (there are a lot) to find a select number of biscuit makers that fit our high standards and hopefully we have selected well. Enjoy!

Preserves & Honey

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Jams and conserves of all fruit mixtures are prevalent throughout Wales, the Welsh word for Jam is Jam so not difficult to remember but this is where the similarity ends as the abundance of great fresh fruits make these jams and conserves something very special.

The production of honey in Wales has a very long history which dates back to the medieval days when they used to use it to make mead.

Pickles & Chutneys

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Can you remember when Granny (Mam-gu as we call her in Wales) used to make these great offerings that go with almost anything but especially well with cheese. We can’t say that these were made by Mam-gu but they have certainly got individuality and a lot of Welsh love. Why not try some of the more unusual flavours to see which tickles your fancy.

Condiments & Sauces

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Now this is an area we have had no trouble finding not only the best but the unusual, if you like it hot then by jingo we have it. We have added some more subtle flavours for those who prefer a more subtle flavour.

Oils & Seasonings

Image: All Products in <em>Larder</em>

We only have two suppliers in this category but they are the best Halen Môn has been producing some of the finest sea salt on the Isle of Anglesey for years. They have added to their plain salts with some unusual flavourings all of which are worth a try. As for Oil Blodyn Aur produce the finest quality Rapeseed oil that has won many awards, why not try it as a replacement for olive oil.


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